27 Jul

EXPORT – Issue 1

Following a very well-received publication for one of our clients, we were inspired to create a newspaper for ourselves called EXPORT. The name relates to what happens to the final digital file that gets signed off by a client before going to ‘press’. In the age of ‘unsubscribe here’ and ‘swipe to trash’, we wanted to create a tactile piece which would have more impact and engage with our audiences on a physical level.

Not to blow our own trumpet, but we have been working on some great projects for our lovely property, place and destination clients. The newsletter contains a range of stories; from recent business expansions and DS.E cultural snippets, to an overview of some of our latest work. If you’d like to receive a copy, please email us or if you can’t wait for the post and like it served up ‘digitally’, you can take a look here or see some of our other client work in the ‘work‘ section of our website.

Happy reading and watch out for our Autumn Winter edition which will kick off DS.Emotion’s 25th year celebrations!