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We’re a team of senior, experienced marketing experts who have a real passion for places, property and the built environment.

The way that developers, the public sector, the media and the financial and corporate market communicates has a large-scale and long-term impact on places and the people who use them. If that’s something that you’re passionate about, then DS.Emotion might be the perfect place for you.

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Photo of Angus Armitage

Angus Armitage


Photo of Matt Button

Matt Button


Photo of Laura Carroll

Laura Carroll

Managing Director

Photo of Claire Milnes

Claire Milnes

Client Services Director

Photo of Lawrence Alexander

Lawrence Alexander

Strategy & Innovation Director

Photo of Rebecca Wood

Rebecca Wood

Operations Director

Photo of Ellie Hallsworth

Ellie Hallsworth

Account Director

Photo of Benazeer Singh

Benazeer Singh

Account Manager

Photo of Reuben Geary

Reuben Geary

Account Manager

Photo of Simon Knight

Simon Knight

Lead Developer

Photo of Jason Wan

Jason Wan

Senior Developer

Photo of Nate Manyande

Nate Manyande

Web Developer

Photo of James Newson

James Newson

Design Director

Photo of Dan Bedford

Dan Bedford

Group Creative Director

Photo of Rachael Whale

Rachael Whale

Senior Designer

Photo of Will Asken

Will Asken

Creative Strategy Lead

Photo of Danny Rowe

Danny Rowe

Senior Designer

Photo of Sidonie Veteau

Sidonie Veteau


Photo of Simon Cook

Simon Cook

Senior Artworker

Photo of Kate Chisnall

Kate Chisnall

Place Activation Manager

Photo of Poppy Dowd

Poppy Dowd

Place Activation Manager

Photo of Polly King

Polly King

Place Activations Project Manager

Photo of Amy Conlock

Amy Conlock

Social Media Strategist

Photo of Emelia Rao

Emelia Rao

Social Media Manager

Photo of Danny Milner

Danny Milner

Content Creator & Social Media Executive

Photo of Claudia Lambert-Ng

Claudia Lambert-Ng

Social Media Executive

Photo of Robinson Khaka

Robinson Khaka

Junior Social Media Executive

Photo of Naz Rehman

Naz Rehman

Group Accountant