13 Feb

Happy Valentine’s day

We’re spreading the love this Hallmark™ Season by sharing some of our favourite cards we’ve seen on the internet, boutique card shops and petrol station bargain bins. Also, apologies in advance for the abundant puns in this. Actually, we’re not sorry at all—and feel free to join in.

1. Tesco value

Certainly one for the cynics.

Tesco Card

2. Lovely letterpress

Overprint letterpress, neon pink, humour, a unicorn… what’s not to love?!


3. For the boxset buddies

Because every relationship should have chemistry.


4. You know she loves you when…

(Girls you’ll understand!)


5. “We’re just seeing each other.”

For that awkward transitional period


6. You’ll be ‘dancing on the ceiling’ when you receive this card

(It’s also impossible to read this without doing an impression of Lionel in your head)


7. Dating a lumberjack / hipster?

Lovely Illustration and clever play on words


8. Love / hate relationship?

Read between the lines


9. Cheesy one-liners

We warned you about puns, right?


10. And if you have a spare £2,586

Why not splash out on this 23k gold card from Gilded Age Greetings!