29 Apr

What is the Google Marketing Platform and how you take control of yours in 5 easy steps

The products in Google Marketing Platform work together so you can plan, buy, measure, and optimize digital media and customer experiences in one place.


Products and supporting functions

On the advertising buy side, you have:

  • Campaign Manager 360: run ad campaigns and measure their performance
  • Display & Video 360: manage display and video campaigns, bids, creatives, and audiences
  • Search Ads 360: manage search campaigns across Google Ads, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and more

On the analytics side, you have:

  • Analytics 360: understand how users engage with your business
  • Optimize 360: run experiments and personalize content
  • Surveys 360: pose questions to broad populations of online users
  • Tag Manager 360: manage web and app tags from a single interface
  • Data Studio: create data visualizations

Tying all the products together, you have:

  • Marketing Platform Home: the portal to your products and administration
  • Integration Center: manage the data-sharing integrations between products
  • Administration: manage individual products, the organizations for analytics products, along with users and permissions, and billing

How DS.Emotion set up Google Marketing Platform

Like most marketing agencies DS.Emotion uses the Google Marketing Platform for analytics, PPC and various other services. Almost every client uses it for Analytics and others use additional services like PPC or Data Studio (Now Looker Studio).

Google tends to set it up like this …

  • Organisation 
    • Service e.g. Analytics or AdWords
      • Account
      • Property/Campaign

… but most of our clients don’t manage their own organisations or Google Marketing Tools so we manage their organisation and structure for them.

Setting up your own structure

If you want to run your own (which is great) this is the structure we suggest:

  • Unilever (Organisation)
    • Analytics (Service)
      • Dove (Account)
        • Dove.com (Property)
        • Dove.co.uk (Property)
      • Hellman’s (Account)
        • Hellmans.com (Property)
        • Hellmans.co.uk (Property)

Taking control of your Google Marketing Platform

If you’d like to manage your own marketing platform, it’s a pretty simple process. 

  1. You’ll need to add dsemotiondigital@gmail.com as a billing admin to your organisation
  2. Once you have, tell us
  3. We’ll transfer any accounts we hold over to your organisation (this won’t affect whether specific users have access)
  4. We’ll let you know when the transfer is complete
  5. Feel free to remove us from your organisation’s users

If you have any difficulty or just want to chat about it first, feel free to give us a call.