11 Feb

With a little help from our friends…

A slightly longer blog post than normal but DS.Emotion thought we’d share some of the discussion points as part of last weeks group Zoom call, which marked ‘Time to Talk Day’. We asked everyone for their suggestions as to how they felt making little changes to daily routines could make a big difference to our mental health. Please find some of the suggestions below which we hope entertain and might just benefit you, our clients, colleagues and friends:


Avoid the news at key times, such as soon as you wake up or when you go to bed.

    • If you have a radio alarm clock consider setting it to a time that avoids it turning on during the news
    • Switch to classic FM or something musical rather than a talk show

Make sure you give yourself some “off” time away from work phones and laptops EVERY DAY.

    • This could be a 20min yoga session, a walk at lunch time or a long hot bath.
    • Leave the phone alone and in another room while you sleep!

Leave the house every day if possible (remaining socially distanced from others, of course).

    • Go for a walk, even if it’s just round the block
    • Take in the fresh air and a new view
    • Give your eyes a break and focus on things far away in the distance rather than the four walls or screens you’re usually confined to
    • ‘Couch to 5k’ is a great introduction to running, if you fancy getting fitter during lock down


    • Apps like Head Space are great!
    • Try ’21 days of abundance’ by Deepak Chopra
    • Mantra Chanting. We googled “Mantra Chanting for Beginners” in the hope I’d find a site to share but frankly there are thousands to choose from!

Order a takeaway and then run on a treadmill until it arrives.

    • Order from establishments progressively further from your home for greater levels of exercise!
    • If you can’t afford a treadmill or don’t have space for one in your home, try simply jogging on the spot – It’s surprisingly tiring!

Try playing Daily Wellness playlists on Spotify which are automaticlly tailored for you.

Learn to play an instrument. From a recorder to the drums, come out of this with a new skill for when we’re finally allowed to show off to our friends at a party!

Consider quitting or limiting social media for a while.

    • Set a time-limit on your usage so that your phone tells you when it’s time to close the apps
    • Unfollow any account that doesn’t make you feel good. A moaning or negative influencer? Say goodbye to that content in one swift click and get back to your bag of malteesers guilt-free

Buy a bird feeder and spend 10 mins watching the activity outside the window. You don’t need a garden, just a window to stick one on! Find one here.

Essential oils can have a calming effect during the day or a sleep-inducing effect at night.

    • Invest in a diffuser (we found a nice one from M&S which isn’t too bank-breaking!)
    • Pillow and room sprays are great for helping you drift off. Laura likes the brand This Works
    • Another great tip for getting off to sleep is reading a book. Try to pick a subject completely unrelated to work

Set yourself a challenge to complete.

    • This doesn’t have to be fitness related – how about calling a different relative each week
    • Hitting the suggested 10,000 steps a day can feel like a crazy amount when you’re house-bound, so try not to be sad if you’re only managing 30 steps a day and they are to/from the fridge -Try 30 star jumps a day instead!

Have a good laugh every day if you can. Make this a priority!

    • Watch stupid videos online, or a live comedy gig, or just dance around the kitchen while you’re cooking!

Turn your requirement for food into a hobby and make an event of weekend meals.

    • Creating something from scratch not only fills time but also gives you skills that will last a lifetime. There is an abundance of online teaching tools these days, including fresh pasta courses, vegan cooking and a whole lot more
    • Maybe give each weekend a different theme. Spagetti Saturday or Sudanese Sunday perhaps?

Turn your flat or house into a weekend bar crawl. Set up a different cocktail in each room – Remember, they don’t need to contain alcohol to be fun!

Finally, for all those living with a partner – If you’re struggling with the concept of having nothing to look forward to together, you can buy date night ideas here.

We hope this provides some inspiration and a bit of a lift. If anyone has anything to add or just needs a natter, please don’t hesitate get in touch, we’d be delighted to hear from you!
Stay well and safe everyone.
The DS.E team x