Focus On Branding

A well-made brand makes a memorable impression on consumers. It also tells your customers and clients to know what to expect from your place or products. It distinguishes yourself from the competitors and clarifies what it is you offer that makes you the better choice.

Our branding process has the following four stages:


Discover & uncover all the information we need so we’re able to make informed, long-lasting recommendations.

    • Audience Research. Find out who your audiences are and what they want from you
    • Business Research. Define who you are (as a business) and what you stand for
    • Competition Research. Find out what your competition is and how you’re different


Extract and articulate the guiding principles of the brand, and articulate them as a unique, attractive proposition everyone will understand.

    • Your Essence. Who you are and how you’re different in its simplest form
    • Your Promise. Who you are, what you offer and how you’re different
    • Your Personality. What characteristics or traits are important to the people in the business


Carefully choose & create the concepts, visuals, words and actions that will best communicate and demonstrate your brand.

    • Brand Name. Create and choose a name
    • Brand Voice. Define what you say and how you say it
    • Brand Visuals. Design and decide how you’ll look
    • Brand Activity. Design and decide how you’ll act
    • Brand Guidelines. includes Guiding Principles


Use your Brand Guidelines to rigorously apply brand-hygiene (minimum brand activity) and to audit all your corporate communication.

    • Brand Audit. Check your current collateral for off-brand material
    • Brand Plan. Specify what needs updating and when