Attracting consumers

Captivating events that define your destination as the place to see and be seen.

We design entertaining activations and promotions both on and off-line that make consumers eager to visit, delighted they came and keen to repeat the experience, helping you to build a loyal customer base.

Increase Consumer Engagement

With 57% of the UK population active social media users and 92% of these sharing video online with friends we believe that producing Instagram worthy events can provide your development with an unprecedented level of engagement amongst your target audience and beyond.

We are already seeing positive performance in the form of increased
footfall, greater awareness and an improved visitor experience at Duke’s
Lane, Brighton. A considered and dedicated approach has been employed to all aspects of this project, which have included digital/social marketing, place-making, acting as a key tenant liaison, as well as introducing and overseeing exciting pop up events. Thank you for all your hard work!

Charlotte Barton

Associate Director, DTZ Investors

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