21 Oct

Back to the Future Day

So today is back to the future day, see how many of their predictions came true.


We have are own predictions for what may have been invented in another 26 years, here’s a few of them.

  • We will be able to go into space cheaply and orbit around the Earth
  • First Humans on Mars
  • Self driving cars are the normal
  • Voice activating computers no more keyboards and mice
  • A cheap way of de-salinating water…one step closer to solving world hunger
  • A way of teaching the brain something in our sleep. Go to sleep saying ‘Goodnight’…wake up saying ‘Guten Morgen!’
  • 3D printed food ‘microwave’
  • Digital implants (think iPhone in your brain and retina)
  • Cancer vaccination
  • Biometric ID tags
  • Free, global WIFI
  • London becomes ‘work-only’ city with only the super rich able to live within the centre
  • Flying shoes!
  • Central locking for houses
  • Fingerprint ATM
  • Shower dryer (say goodbye to the bath towel)
  • Dirt resistant paint job for cars
  • A robot to put on make up and do hair everyday. Then push a destination button and it takes you to where you need to go without sitting in traffic.