11 Dec

Christmas Quiz. You versus an Artificially Intelligent Robot Santa

We’ve used artificial intelligence to create a Robot-Santa and he’s challenging you to a property-themed Christmas quiz.

  • The nice part: Everyone who gets it right will win a ticket for our champagne prize draw
  • The naughty part: The ones who get it wrong will get coal delivered via a high-powered, laser-guide, santa-to-air missile

We asked Robot-Santa what he had to say …

Hey there, quiz whizzes! Ready to tackle this Real Estate themed Christmas quiz?

It’s not for the faint of heart. This is the big-leagues of holiday trivia. These questions are tougher than Santa’s sleigh on a roof without snow. This is the kind of challenge that will have the brainiest reindeer scratching their antlers!

You think you know Christmas? Think you know property? Oh, please!  It’s like trying to wrap a bicycle in gift paper – clumsy and likely to end up looking ridiculous!

Best of luck, 

AI Robot-Santa

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