20 Oct

The 7 adverts we’ve remembered for a surprisingly long time.

10,000 adverts a day

According to Siteefy back in 2007, market research firm Yankelovich ran a survey of 4,110 people and find out that an average person sees up to 5,000 adverts every day. Today, that number is even higher and the average person sees around 10,000 ads per day.

But, as we made coffee this morning, we recalled the Nescafe couple (also known as the Gold Blend couple) who were Anthony Head and Sharon Maughan. This advert was aired in 1991; so it’s been living rent-free in our heads for over 30 years!

This made us think; what other adverts have stayed with us for a surprisingly long time? Here are some of ours from across the team. 

The Gold Blend Couple (1991)

Suggested by Lawrence Alexander, Strategy & Innovation Director

I remember this advert very clearly. Despite only being 12 years old I thought (like a lot of people did) that Anthony Head was very suave and cool. He went on to be a nerd icon of mine in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as librarian and mentor Giles. His calm, kindness and wisdom are still values I try to live by, Maybe that advert had a much bigger affect on me than I thought.

Cinzano with Joan Collins & Leonard Rossiter (1978)

Suggested by Angus Armitage, Founder and Managing Director

The Cinzano series of adverts evokes all kinds of nostalgia for me, my father was partial to the occasional Cinzano and soda with a slice of lemon. But also because of Leonard Rositer and Joan Collins, I remember watching Rising Damp with my Dad and Dynasty with my Mum, I was probably about seven or eight at the time. The glamorous settings, Rositers cringe-worthiness and Joan Collins’ contrasting dry sophistication always brought a smile to my face.

Trio Too Loud Susie (1984)

Suggested by Jason Wan, Senior Web Developer

I remember kids at school use to shout this all the time. It’s definitely stuck in my head for 30+ years as I sing it now and then.

Lonely Waters Public Service Announcement(1973)

Suggested by Simon Knight, Lead Developer

I’m not sure this needs any explanation why I remember this. Imagining seeing this while you eat your tea; truly terrifying!

And All Because The Lady Loves Milk Tray by Cadbury’s (1973)

Suggested by Rebecca Wood, Operations Director

This has been a classic advert that’s been rebooted in the 80s, 90s and beyond. I remember this in particular because my brother auditioned for a reboot in the 90s. He didn’t get it, which I was relieved because I didn’t want all my school mates laughing at me.

Smash Robots by Cadbury’s (1973)

Suggested by Matt button, Founder & Managing Director

I fear that sharing this dates me but watching it again you can see why I remember it. The voices are pretty strange but also it’s still quite funny even 50 years later. There aren’t many things that stand the test of time as well as this.

Charlies Says Public Service Announcement (1973)

Suggested by Dan Bedford, Creative Director

At the time this was cutting edge animation. It’s been voted Britain’s favourite public service announcement (2006) and #95 in the UK’s favourite cartoons (2005). The bizarre animation and surreal voice was completely unique at the time and there’s never been anything quite the same since.