28 Nov

Social Media Formats: LinkedIn Articles

There are many social and advertising channels, each of which has various formats. These formats always have their own specific requirements. It’s also common for these formats to have a particular style, purpose and cost. This article goes into further detail on LinkedIn Articles.

What are LinkedIn Articles?

LinkedIn Articles allow you to share thought leadership relating to your industry or sector. Instead of creating a post with limited space, the articles function lets you convey a longer message – something you may also expect to see on a website.

How to use LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn Articles can be shared from your personal account or via your company page. When you go to write a post, simply click the “Write Article” button and you’ll be taken to a more sophisticated editor.

Here’s an example from a personal profile:

linkedin article draft 1

Here’s an example from a business profile:

linkedin article draft 2

You’ll notice that the business has the option of creating a regular newsletter, which we’d recommend if your business is going to regularly publish articles.

What will LinkedIn Articles do? Who will they reach?

Articles will share more insight and thought leadership with your followers than a single post ever could. It’s the ideal place for sharing ideas and even repurposing existing blog content. It also helps build authority for yourself as an individual or for the business as a whole.

You’ll reach people who are searching for the content you’ve created, but we’d recommend sharing your article as a post as well to increase awareness of your great content.

When sharing articles on your personal profile, we’d recommend making sure your profile is public, in order to increase reach and visibility.


LinkedIn Article Examples

This is a typical example of a LinkedIn Article.

You’ll notice that the article shares valuable insights from this LinkedIn user with a link to their profile and to their other articles. This is great for growing awareness of your brand and existing content.

The format of these articles are very similar to the curated LinkedIn news articles made by LinkedIn editors.