19 Mar

Behind the scenes of a well maintained website

Websites are a lot like buildings. The planning, designing and building are a huge investment but they only really come to life as people start to use them. And, just like buildings, as the outside world changes, they too need to be maintained.

They share something else in common with buildings; people often only notice them when they stop working. Our clients’ websites are there when they go to bed and are there when they wake up again – reassuringly reliable. But, behind the scenes we’re there making sure that everything runs smoothly.

Websites just work… don’t they?

Once the hard graft is complete and the website is live, it may seem as though websites are “complete” until clients request a change – that simply isn’t the case.

Clients trust our expertise to keep their websites running and this extends to the often unseen world of web maintenance.

These are some of things we’re doing when no-ones looking…

  • Backing up your website

We make sure our clients don’t lose any files or data by ensuring all of our client websites and databases are backed up daily – not just once, but twice.

  • Server Backups

Client websites are backed up each day with our hosting partners UKFast. This means that, in the event of a problem, a website can be back up and running in a flash. It’s safe to say we don’t take risks with our clients’ websites – we care about them as much as they do.

  • Cloud Backups

If an issue ever occurred with the web server itself, our websites are also copied daily and stored to cloud server locations. We can roll back a website to how it looked anytime in the last 90 days so, if an earlier version of a site needs to be restored, it’s quick and simple to do so.

  • Domain Renewals

We’re leaving nothing up to chance, here. The domains DS.Emotion own, or have purchased on behalf of clients, are all set up to automatically renew. No last-minute panics or chance of someone buying that all-important domain before you have chance to renew.

  • WordPress and plugin maintenance

WordPress is the most popular industry standard CMS platform; and it’s the system that our experts choose to build our client websites upon.

WordPress and functionality plugins need updating when new versions become available. Failure to do so can leave websites at risk from security issues and malware – and nobody wants that. We take care of these regular time-consuming updates so our clients can sit back and relax, knowing it’s all taken care of.

It’s showtime

Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing they have a whole team of experts working hard to keep their website up and running, long beyond the initial exciting launch. We nurture our websites and advance them over time, ensuring they grow in-line with the latest technological developments.