26 Oct

Groundworks: Marketing & Branding Insights for the Property & Place Sector

This year has been an unprecedented year of ‘unprecedentedness’. You’ve probably felt it too. A trend we’ve noticed this year is that there’s been a lot of things to react to. Some of them don’t even feel like they happened in 2022, but believe it or not, they did!

We’ve had the end of Covid restrictions, the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, rail strikes and heatwaves. This year, Her Majesty The Queen passed away and we’re already on the 3rd Prime Minister. We’ve all found ourselves caught up in a cost of living crisis where prices are rising and there seems to be no immediate end in sight.

As a marketer in 2022, you’ve had to deal with all of these challenges and more, alongside your day-to-day job. We recognise that there’s a lot going on and it can be hard work trying to keep up with aligning your business alongside what’s occurring in the world.

Introducing Groundworks

That’s why our newly created ‘Groundworks Series’ focuses on ‘Preparation, Not Panic’. We’re here to help marketers like you in the property and place sector become less reactive and more prepared.

Our Groundworks Series topics include:

  • Simplifying marketing strategy
  • Data-led decision making
  • Being agile without being reactive
  • Keeping it consistent
  • Seasonal preparation

We’ll be sharing our helpful insights in a series of articles in the coming weeks. However, as a valued DS.E client, we’re offering you the entire Groundworks Series above in a personalised, 2-hour *workshop with our strategy team for free.

It’s designed to help you tackle the issues facing almost everyone in the property and place industry today and provide action points relevant and specific to your business.

So isn’t it time to get ahead of the game?

Simply get in touch with your DS.E account manager or email info@dsemotion.com to get started.

*Workshops have limited availability and have a maximum of 6 people per workshop, so we recommend booking a slot as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.